EasGro was designed to mimic a commercial greenhouse. We wanted to create an ideal environment indoors for germinating seeds and propagating seedlings anytime. EasGro automated indoor greenhouse is the best choice for growing vegetables, herbs, and flowers from seed.


R.W. "Raoul" Adamchak

30 Years Organic Farming Experience

Raoul helped make our compact EasGro as effective and reliable as a commercial greenhouse for raising seedlings.


Under his tutelage, we were able to adopt best practices from his 30 years of organic farming experience.


Just as seeds are sown in Raoul's greehouse and flats of seedling plugs are transplanted into the field weekly, EasGro is designed to do the same thing.


Sow and transplant two trays a week to keep your garden producing though your growing season.


It's that simple!


Bill Osgood

Inventor and Avid Gardener

Bill's vision for EasGro grew from frustration trying to grow from seed.


While volunteering at U.C. Davis Market Garden, he learned how a commercial greenhouse creates the ideal conditions for seed germination and seedling propagation.


Yet, for home and community gardeners like Bill, a commercial greenhouse wasn't affordable or practical. That's why he created EasGro.


Applying organic farming methods and technology expertise, Bill and his team made a compact indoor growing appliance that works just like a commercial greenhouse.


It's simple and easy to use, and it saves money.


Stephen McGloughlin

Electronics Design

Stephen is an electronics and software engineer who invented several cutting-edge microprocessor-controlled products.


As a tech author and technology dean at a local college, he strives to share his knowledge and expertise with others.


Thanks to Stephen’s practical knowledge and expertise, an on-board computer collects temperature and humidity readings, turns the fan and light source on and off. The touch screen display shows interior growing conditions, allows program setting to change, and sends out alerts when needed.


EasGro comes pre-set to create the ideal conditions for germinating seeds and growing seedlings.


As we continue to enhance and develop the product, Stephen will be right there with us to keep EasGro on the cutting edge.


Cordelia Brown

Social Media

Cordelia is a teacher, artist, and new mother who loves to connect with gardeners around the world.


She's excited to get the word out about EasGro, and she uses social media as a platform for sharing just how easy it can be to grow from seed.


Beyond making our presence known, Cordelia also uses our social media sites to create a community of grow-from-seed gardeners.


Always checking in, Cordelia makes sure that our social media sites provide a forum for questions, and most importantly, for encouragement as you grow from seed.


"My son, Dillon (age 12), and I have been growing seedlings in EasGro for three years. It just keeps working." Josh Darby, Sulphur, Lousiana "EasGro -- amazingly simple! Great fun to see your seeds sprout in just a few days and watch the plants grow bigger every day." Mutsumi Kawauchi, Aiea, Hawaii "We germinate seeds in our basement while snow is falling. Sometimes we harvest lettuce straight out of our EasGro." Mary Beth Lourie, Chicago, Illinois "My Papa lets me sow seeds in his EasGro. I can see them grow every day." London Osgood (age 7),San Diego, California

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