Automated portable indoor greenhouse for germinating seeds and propagating seedlings.
Germinate Seeds and Propagate Seedlings Indoors
Sow seeds and grow seedlings in your house, garage, or basement any time. EasGro creates ideal growing conditions automatically. It's low-cost, portable, and compact. Propagate up to 48 seedlings at a time. EasGro
EasGro Ships Fully Assembled and Tested. 15" x 14" x 12" plastic enclosure Computer controlled Touch screen display Ideal growing conditions preset
Everything you need to get started is included.
EasGro Power Supply Trays (8) Reservoir Seed Starter Mix Seed Pack Vermiculite Spray bottle Watering can
The EasGro portable indoor greenhouse creates the ideal environment for growing from seed. Learn about EasGro features in this video.
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Start Sowing Seeds in 15 Minutes
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